Tips to Stop Hitting The Ball Fat in Golf

Stop Hitting the Ball Fat…
There are certain shots like slicing the ball and hitting the ball fat that can be quite frustrating. One should have complete understanding of the golf swing mechanics so as to make the required corrections in the shot.

Taking someone else’s help is very important in correcting this problem as one cannot know what is happening without someone telling the player about it. A golfing buddy or a professional golfer can be of an immense help in correcting the shot.

A major cause of hitting the ball fat is dropping of the rear shoulder. Rear shoulder is the shoulder away from the target; left shoulder for the left handed players and right one for the right handed ones.

In case the rear shoulder drops, the club can hit the ground earlier than required and this generally results in a clumsy shot. One may also end up hitting the ball fat while trying to hit the ball too hard as the downswing gets initiated with unnecessary motion of the hips.

So as to understand the mechanics involved in the process, one may try a simple exercise. Stand in normal posture and the club be brought on top of the backswing. While remaining at the same position try sliding the hips towards the target. Quite interestingly, the rear shoulder drops on its own!

This problem can be noticed quite easily with the help of a friend or a professional golfer. This exercise should be repeated in his or her presence and the friend should look out for dropping of the shoulder. If this happens, one can immediately begin working on resolving this issue.

It is important to learn how to use the lower body to correct this issue. There shouldn’t be any sliding of the hips, instead these should rotate. One should start the downswing with the arms and the rest of the body should follow them.

One can also try keeping the forward shoulder down. Practicing in this way can make the body follow the signal and this way, this shot can be improved.

At the same time, the forward arm can be kept straight during the process of a backswing. One can focus on keeping the forward shoulder down while being at the top of the backswing. The hips can be allowed to uncoil but not to slide as this can result in drooping of the rear shoulder.

Though the tips to stop hitting the ball fat presented here seem easy, these require quite a lot of practicing. Golf enthusiasts should try to put in maximum effort while practicing these shots. At the same time, an assistant, friend or professional can help in checking the shot.

It is important to note that one may end up hitting the ball fat with any club. Thus, all of the clubs should be used for practicing regularly so as to master the process of striking the ball.

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