Free Golf Driving Tips For Beginners – Golf Driving Tips For Distance & Accuracy

Free Golf Driving Tips For Beginners – Golf Driving Tips For Distance & Accuracy…
One of the most important aspects of golf is to hit the tee. Here are some useful golf driving tips that can help everyone in increasing the distance of the shot and having better control over it.

It is quite common to see golf players looking for golf driving tips for improving accuracy of the shot and distance acquired by it. The possibility of eagle and birdie increases with the increase in the distance. With higher accuracy, one can look forward to keeping the score as low as possible by avoiding needless hooks or slices.

The first step in increasing both these aspects of the game is to have a correct set up. While addressing the ball on tee, the player should get into athletic posture. To achieve such posture, one should keep the feet and shoulders apart while having a flex in the knees.

The distance imparted to the ball can be increased by increasing speed of the club head to as high as possible. The coiling and uncoiling of the body at the right time and in right amount can easily do that. At the same time, it is very important to flex the knees while having the shot. Flexing the knees is among the most important golf driving tips. One should avoid standing too tall or else risk losing distance as the power in the shot gets reduced considerably.

One should play the ball while being forward. When a player is in correct posture, the ball will be closer to the foot which is ahead instead of being in the center of the feet. This posture is important to provide proper trajectory to the ball and maximize the height and distance.

Among the golf driving tips that aren’t known to many golfers, the backswing should be initiated by the hips and not by the hands. The shoulders, hands and rest of the body should follow the hips for obtaining maximum distance.

The same principle applies to downswing as well. It should be initiated by the hips and followed by the hands. The proper rotation of the hips can be mastered with constant practice. One would notice significant improvement in the distance acquired and accuracy obtained after mastering this technique.

Among the most important golf driving tips for obtaining higher accuracy is that the hands should follow the club head while it makes the impact. In order to prevent curving of the ball after striking it, one should ensure that the club strikes the ball squarely.

Hooks or slices occur when the grip is not proper. Too firm or too loose a grip can make club open or close at the time of impact. One should make it a point to keep the grip neutral so as to prevent the club face from opening or closing during the time of impact.

The best stance to be maintained at the time of striking the ball is the square one with both feet kept in line with the target. Apart from the feet, the shoulders and hips should be kept in the same position. Accuracy of the shot can be increased significantly with a square posture.

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