How to Break 80 in Golf Tips

How to Break 80 in Golf Tips

It is quite common to see players struggling for knowing how to break 80 in golf. The knowledge of doing so eludes even the most experienced players. It is a common joke among the golfer fraternity that no two golfers can have the same answer to the question of how to break 80. To help everyone struggling with it, here are some quick facts.

A number of shots are possible in golf, including driving and putting among others. Mastering the tee shots is very important for learning how to break 80 in golf. For new golf players, tee shots are those shots that are taken on the tee area. One may take the help of any club while taking this shot, including the driver and the pitching wedge.

A number of golfers struggle reaching this all-elusive number because they tend to waste a number of shots. We try to throw some light on the issue and the way to break this magic figure.

One may end up ruining the overall score by virtue of only a few bad shots. While trying to force the issue, players end up hitting the ball too hard which lands away in the woods, resulting in a bogey.

For achieving a score somewhere around seventy to seventy-five, one should know how to control the distance imparted to the ball. One can even achieve eagles on par 5 holes and birdies on the other holes. By complete mastery of this technique, one can easily keep the score below eighty.

One can follow the below mentioned tips for perfecting shots off the tee.

Practice is one of the most important ways to be perfect in any activity, including golf. The players can also perform experiments on their own so as to discover the ways that work for them. In this way, they can even master a few shots so as to develop a small arsenal of their own unique shots.

It is advised to spend quite a lot of time on different tee heights. One can start from high and then go on decreasing the tee height. Better control can be attained by practicing at low heights.

There are a number of different types of grip levels and one can experiment with all of these. An easy way of gaining control over the club is to grab the shaft from a lower point. Apart from the increased amount of control, it can provide quite a lot of room for making quick adjustments.

While practicing, one must use all the clubs so as to gain mastery over all of them. One should be able to hit with all the clubs and adjust the shot according to the distance and the pitching wedge. It might be tempting to go for the heavier 460cc clubs but these require quite a lot of practice. These may improve the score but are not easy to master over.

Golf players should keep in mind that it is important to gain control and accuracy while providing distance to the ball. Control can’t be sacrificed for the sake of distance but it can be possible the other way round.

Hitting off the tee might not be too straightforward, but can be mastered over time by practicing harder. One can know about how to break 80 by investing some time and a bit of regular practice.  That concludes the article “How to Break 80 in Golf Tips”. To learn more about how to break 80 consistently in golf, click here.

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