Tips For Correcting A Slice

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Tips for Correcting a Slice

Golf requires its players to have a strong strategy and correcting a slice is pretty much important for all golf enthusiasts. Some tips for correcting a slice are presented here to help those golf enthusiasts struggling with it.

The ball can get sliced due to various possible factors and there are some of them which are more prominent than others. For most players, it takes place mostly during address.

A square stance is preferred by most golf players during address. In such a stance, shoulders, hips and feet of the player should be perfectly aligned with the target. The club face can open too much at the time of impact if the left foot tends to move too far ahead of the ball. This can make the ball fly towards the right. So as to prevent this situation, the left shoulder needs to be exactly over the left foot.

New players tend to have issues with the grip as well as they hold the club too firmly. This in turn, leads to opening of the club head at the time of impact with the ball which makes it fly towards the right. At the same time, too loose of a grip will make the club waver and the ball going in an unintended direction.

It is very important to maintain a neutral grip at the time of striking the ball. The player should be able to see at least two or three knuckles of the left hand. An improper grip is characterized by absence of visibility of any of the knuckles. When a player strikes the ball with an improper grip the hands will come into neutral position automatically, resulting in the opening of face.

It is a good idea to practice a bit with the new grip. It can give an idea to the player about the correct grip and they can make necessary adjustments to it. At the same time it is very important for the players to remember the right position so as to get benefited from it over a long duration.

Another point to take care is the swing tempo. The players tend to try to draw power from their arms, which is not a good strategy and has been proven to be useless. During the downswing when hands come down, there is high possibility that the face of the club will get opened.

To avoid this situation, you should have a free flow while hitting the ball. Jerking the club can be tempting enough but it is not too advantageous while striking it. The downswing should be in free flow and started by the hips to have a smooth flow.

The players can also check their divot to figure out the problem. Divot pointing towards the right can be a problem and this situation needs to be addressed. The posture can be aligned with the target so as to have a perfect finish.

It is to be noted that one may need to address multiple issues to correct the slice. One mustn’t shy away from putting a lot of time while practicing so as to become perfect in playing the shot. This will make the fun in the game to rise to higher levels. Putting these tips for correcting a slice into practice is sure to pay big dividends.

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