Free Golf Chipping Tips – Women, Men, Beginners, Left Handed Golfers, Right Handed Golfers

Free Golf Chipping Tips for Women, Men, Beginners, Left Handed Golfers, Right handed Golfers…
The short game is quite important and all golfers would agree with that. Some useful free golf chipping tips are presented here so as to help golfers in improving their short game. Whether you’re a man or woman, beginner, or a right handed or left handed golfer, these tips can be applied.

One has to note that there isn’t any method that can guarantee putting the ball closer to the hole. In fact, there are a number of methods which can help in putting it as close as possible to it. The success of any shot depends on how perfectly it is executed, lie of the ball, grass’s length, distance between the player and the hole and most importantly, condition of the green.

The best way to start free golf chipping tips is to start the discussion with that of a standard chip. The perfect time to play this shot is when the player is near the green but not quite on it. This shot should be taken with nine-iron, though it can be taken with any other wedge with which one is comfortable. An unwritten rule is that if the chip is good, the ball will fly to almost one-third of cup. The club should meet the ball squarely and the posture should be perfect at the time of taking the shot.

Another important shot in the game is the soft shot. The ball can be made to fly to a greater distance and can land close enough to the cup. One can use the lob wedge or sand wedge depending upon the comfort level. Perfectly executed shot coupled with a stroke of luck can result in perfect landing and result in ball landing into the cup.

While taking the soft shot, the face of the club can be opened just a little bit to maximize the impact. An idea about accelerating the club head can be quite handy while executing this shot. One can get proper training about the same in case there is any problem with it. If this shot is executed perfectly, the ball can be made to fly and land softly and roll for a small distance.

It is also possible that a lot of green might be present in the golf course. In this case, a low chip shot can be tried. A mid-iron, like a six or seven iron is perfect for this shot, though experienced players can take this shot with other clubs as well. The posture needs to be adjusted by the players to have the desired impact and distance to be covered. True for any type of shot, the club needs to be square at the time of impact and posture should be perfect.

It is advised that every golf enthusiast should practice regularly with all the clubs, including the wedges and mid-irons. Each of these clubs requires the players to have a different type of swing. The best way to get the know-how is to practice them and take help from a professional golfer, if needed.

The two most commonly used shots are standard and the soft shot. These need to be practiced regularly by every player, whether a newbie or an experienced one. Though the player may need to invest a lot of time, it can go a long way in perfecting the game.

That concludes the free golf chipping tips for Women, Men, Beginners, Left Handed Golfers, Right handed Golfers.

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