Top 25 Australian Golf Courses

Golf has become one of the most popular games and past times in the world because of its ability to combine leisure, relaxation and at the same time offer up a decent challenge where in an individual can continue to improve their focus and skill. As a matter of fact, it has become so popular in different countries that you can find a golf course just about anywhere. Specifically, in Australia, golf courses are everywhere. The sport is alive and strong in the country that much is certain, but if you want the whole golfing experience you need to know which golf courses are worth visiting and which ones match your style and preference. Here are some of the best Australian golf courses today.

25) The Peninsula Country Golf Club offers the perfect balance of modern club amenities as well as the excitement of playing in a beautiful golf course. This is a great place to entertain clients and even host your events. Click here for more information.

24) Magenta Shores Golf and Country Club works hard in creating a luxurious environment and lifestyle for all of their members and guests. It is the only golf course in the Central coast and it features some of the most majestic views of the ocean side. Click here for more information.

23) A great place to visit when you’re in Sydney would be the Royal Sydney Golf Club. One of the most popular sporting establishments in Australia, the Royal Sydney also offers Tennis, Bowls and Croquet. It features two golf courses, the 18-hole championship course is perfect for those with experience, and the 9-hole course is great for beginners. Click here for more information.

22) The Barwon Heads Golf Club offers a unique golfing experience. Using the bass straits and long sand dunes as part of the golf course, you are treated to a Scottish inspired link style golf game. The dunes turn gold as you play till sunset which is quite a visual experience. Click here for more information.

21) The Brookwater Golf and Country Club is a fun golfing destination that features a golf course that can be enjoyable to any level of golf player. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, the Brookwater golf course promises to be a great golfing event. To complete the experience, make sure to download their golf app straight to your Android phone. Click here for more information.

20) For those looking for a challenge that’s fit for champions, then you might want to visit Joondalup Country Club and try out their 27 hole golf course. The course makes use of an unyielding layout of the environment, combining bushlands, quarries, lakes and more. Prepare to meet different challenges on every hole at the Joondalup golf course. Click here for more information.

19) While not as outstanding as its sibling, The Royal Melbourne East Course is still considered to be one of the best golf courses in Australia. The past years, the East golf course underwent some changes and improvements to accommodate the more modern style of playing golf. Click here for more information.

18) Combining leisure lifestyle and an excellent golf game is what makes Links Hope Island Golf Course special. Located just a few minutes away from the shores of Hope Island, this golf course is just one of the many amenities of the Hope Island Resort. Remember to take a few swings at the aquatic driving range before heading towards the challenging Par 72 course. Click here for more information.

17) The Australian Golf Club is one of the oldest golf clubs in the country and is home to the Cadogan Cup which is the oldest golf trophy in the country. Despite dating back to the 1880’s, The Australian Golf Club has stood the test of time and remains to be one of the best places to go to for a great game of golf. Click here for more information.

16)For those visiting Adelaide Australia, one of the best places to go to for golfing fans is the Royal Adelaide Golf Club. This golf course is designed by famed designer, Dr. Alister MacKenzie. The course he created made use of the natural sand hills present in the landscape which has produced several outstanding holes. Apart from the giant sand crater near the 4th hole, what sets the golf course apart from the rest is that an active train railroad is right in the middle of the field! Click here for more information.

15) If you’re in the western region of Australia, you should visit the Kennedy Bay golf course. Featuring some of the purest link style golf courses, the Kennedy Bay may seem like your average game of golf. However, the moment those coastal winds starts kicking in, the game becomes more interesting and a lot more fun. Click here for more information.

14) The Thirteenth Beach golf course is a definite member of the top 25 golf courses in Australia. Since 2001, the beach course has been on the must-play list of most golfers in the country. Known for its raw and unbridled natural sceneries and challenges, the Beach Course is accommodating to any player, but still hard enough for any advanced golfer to enjoy. Click here for more information.

13) For the golfer who’s looking for a more traditional approach to the game, then try visiting the Woodlands Golf Club. Situated at the Melbourne sandbelt, while it may seem simple and short at first, this specific golf course presents a unique experience offering a more difficult game compared to what most golfers are used to. Click here for more information.

12) Another picturesque golf course can be found in Melbourne called The Metropolitan Golf Club. Absolutely well maintained but still challenging to the average golfer, the Metropolitan golf course features 18 holes surrounded by tall native trees with some of the greenest and well-kept bentgrass in the field. Click here for more information.

11) If you’re in mainland Australia, a good place to visit for a round of golf would be Bonville Golf Resort. This par 72 golf course has been considered to be one of the most beautiful golf courses in Australia. What makes the course so special is that the resort’s greenery is home to many different wildlife including birds and even small kangaroos. Click here for more information.

10) Golfers looking for a bit of a challenge can try the Pelican Waters Golf Club. This golf course is situated at southern sunshine coast of Queensland. This course features unique use of wetlands and different elements of the natural landscape to present a golf course where each player’s skill will be tested. Click here for more information.

9) The Yarra Yarra Golf Club is another prominent golf course that may be your next destination for corporate golf games, events, competitions and the like. The golf course is meticulously taken cared of and even the golfers are asked to do their part to keep the field playable and pleasing. Click here for more information.

8) As one of the first projects of international golf course architect Tom Doak in Australia, the St. Andrews Beach Golf course is an epitome of the links style courses which marries minimalistic design and the natural shape of nature to create a strategic golf game experience. Click here for more information.

7) If you’re looking for luxury comfort and a great game of golf, the Moonah Links is the place for you. This property features a leisure resort with an 18 hole championship golf course. Called as the home of Australian Golf, you’ll be sure to enjoy all of its amenities including spa treatments after your game. Click here for more information.

6) The New South Wales Golf Club is also to be commended for their lovely course. While the course has members only privileges, the public can book the golf course a few days ahead via their website to play during the weekdays. The course is designed by another well-known golf course designer, Dr. Alister MacKenzie. Click here for more information.

5) The Lost Farm golf course at Barnbougle is designed by one of the most renowned golf architects, Bill Coore. Together with Tom Doak, Bill Coore designed a 20 hole links golf course that simplistic in its approach and does not heavily alter the natural landscape of Tasmania’s north east coast. You’ll enjoy a great game of golf and be awed by the winds and vistas of the coast. Click here for more information.

4) The Ellerston Golf Course is another beautiful location to play the game. However, this course is considered to be one of the most exclusive in the country. Despite the difficulty of actually getting in the course to play, the Ellerston Golf Course is exceptional and naturally amazing. Click here for more information.

3) The course in the Kingston Heath golf club makes use of their beautiful terrain to make the game more interesting and challenging. This golf course has also hosted many different golf competitions like the Australian Open. The course features bunkering that look natural and part of the overall landscape. Click here for more information.

2) Barnbougle Dunes golf course has a great location on the island of Tasmania which is frequented by many tourists. What makes this course a great place to play golf is the fact that you don’t need to be a member to be able to play. This makes for a great golf course for international tourists who want a quick game while in the country. Check them out at to see why this course is one of the best in Australia. Click here for more information.

1) The Royal Melbourne West Golf course has been lauded as one of the best, if not THE best golf course in the country. This 18-hole golf course has been restored to its former glory and is now well maintained and features international quality facilities and landscapes. Visit their website here here for more information.

Aside from the top 25 golf courses in Australia we mentioned, there are so many more golf clubs and courses all over Australia that you can try. Tell us what you think of your list and if you think we missed one or two which should’ve been included in the top 25, let us know.