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How Can I Break 80? How to Break 80 Consistently in Golf – Book Review – Breaking 80 Golf Tips

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     Every golf players NEEDS to have golfing aspirations to
work towards and improve their performance.

   The most measurable indicator of improved performance
is seen by many as cutting strokes off their game.
Research shows that less than half of all golfers will
ever break 100, and only 5% of all golfers break 80.

   These statistics really set breaking 80 as the
benchmark for success – and with the right knowledge and
practice you can break 80 too.

   How Can I Break 80? How to Break 80 Consistently in Golf – Book Review – Breaking 80 Golf Tips

I recommend you follow a guide by Jack Moorehouse
called “How to Break 80” that is proven to work, and has
worked for over 100,000 golfers already:

  What is your weakest area in golf?
Golf involves many different skills, and if you find
yourself struggling in even one area this can make all the
difference to your score.

   How to Break 80 is a comprehensive guide to improving
your golfing skills – from learning in detail how to deal
with bunker shots, to learning the secrets to reading
greens properly, Jack Moorehouse has every area covered.

   One of the most appealing things about the How to Break
80 program is that it is written and designed for golfers
who are not professionals. This makes the program
personalized, and much easier for everyday golfers to
relate to – there are no feelings that mastering a
particular skill could be ‘above you’.

   Remember, this program is guaranteed to improve your
golf game, and it has featured in major golf publications
such as Golf Digest and Golf Tips Magazine.

   Jack Moorehouse makes it easy for you to use what he
calls the “Tiger-like” fundamentals (after the famous golf
professional Tiger Woods) to lower your score, and keep
you enjoying the game at the same time.

   How to Break 80 is suitable for both men and women
alike, and left-handed golfers can no doubt benefit from
this program too – although it is mostly tailored for
right-handed golfers, and you may need to reverse some of
the instructions.

   On top of the guide, purchasing How to Break 80 will
also give you State of the Art Golf Performance Tracking
Software – so you can easily monitor your improvements in
all areas of the game.

   The software keeps track of over 40 statistics, and
just some of these are: Fairways and greens hit, actually
handicap, your best games, different courses played… and
so on.

   Don’t be put off by the term “software” – it’s really
user friendly, and much more useful than keeping a pile of
old score cards in your draw somewhere.  You can also rest
assured that with How to Break 80, you will always have
the most up to date knowledge and tips. As part of the
package, Jack Moorehouse includes free lifetime upgrades
to the system.

   The Best Part

   I found the best part of the How to Break 80 program to
be the step-by-step method in which the techniques are
taught. There is no guesswork involved here, Jack
Moorehouse breaks it down so you know exactly what you
should be practicing when, and for how long.

   Right now, How to Break 80 is doing a coupon offer
where you can get HALF off the normal price of the
program! I highly recommend you purchase this program, as
with this discount it is exceptional value.

   All the best to slashing strokes off your score!

   Ed Ward    Founder,



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