Free Golf Tips For Beginners

One may find a number of websites and books offering free golf tips for beginners, but these tend to miss out on some important areas of concern for beginners. Some important, yet not commonly known tips for beginners that can help them in long run are presented here.

One of the most important free golf tips for beginners is to select the clubs with utmost care. The clubs should be chosen by kids keeping their height in consideration. It is a common tendency among players to use clubs belonging to their parents or other senior players. Mind you, this is not the correct way to start learning golf. This can even result in building of bad basics.

Another thing for beginners to learn is to know the basic rules and golf course etiquettes. It is common to see players being ignorant about the correct way of entering or leaving a sand trap. It is not known to them how many rules are being violated when they are grounding their club or not making use of the rake. Such points can be learnt from the experienced golfers. They can explain to new players about each and every aspect of the game quite easily.

Swing can’t be mastered without help of experts. It makes perfect sense to get information about basics of the swing from a professional golf player who can teach the mechanics of swing. Experts can teach new players about the proper posture before taking any shot, details of the process of swing and other related details. Those players who try to learn all these important aspects of the game often get frustrated when they are unable to learn the swing process by themselves.

Takeaway is another important thing to learn for the new players. It is common to see them whipping the ball with the hands. It is very important for them to learn that the club needs not to be swung too wildly for taking the shot. The success of complete swing depends on the takeaway and how efficiently it is completed.

Many players tend to struggle with the body rotation. They don’t have any clue on how to begin the rotation and what are the body-mechanics and principles associated with the same. They should learn that the downswing should be initiated by the hips and not by their hands.

The new players often neglect the importance of follow through while executing any shot. There are certain shots which need not have a follow through. So as to strike the ball perfectly every time, it is very important to know and perfect the follow through process.

One must avoid lifting the head while taking the shot. This practice is quite common in the new players. The temptation to do so should be avoided or else risk reducing the quality of the shot. The follow-through should be continued and jerking the shot should be avoided.

There is no substitute for regular practice. Enough hands-on training should be obtained from an experienced player so as to master the different shots.

And I cannot emphasize enough the importance of learning the correct swing right from the outset, rather than picking up bad technique and habits which make it harder in the long run because you have to “unlearn” them before you can progress. For the ultimate guide to discovering your best golf swing, that includes learning how to get more power from your swing, making solid ball contact, and avoiding the ball fat and slicing the ball…Make sure you check out “The Simple Golf Swing”:

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