Golf Putting Drills With Tees – Best Putting Drills At Home

Golf Putting Drills With Tees – Best Putting Drills At Home

Golf putting drills with tees are one of the most efficient ways to lower your score. Good putting drills help you lower the number of strokes required by a significant margin. You will find this especially useful if you play a short game. The general consensus is that they are more stroke-hungry. It can really mess up your score card. 3-putts, 4-putts and even 5-putts can be seen. Putting drills help you remedy problems of exactly this kind.

If one had to list the focal points of any putting drill, then one would have:

  • Keeping the face square

If you are in the habit of keeping the blade open or closed while hitting the ball, then you should try this:

Place a ball on the practice green and a tee in the ground about twelve inches behind the ball. Put a silver coin on the ground about six inches in front of the ball. Bring your putter back until it taps the tee and then swing it forward, watching to make sure that the face stays square as it passes over the coin.

  • Achieving distance control

There is no substitute for practice to achieve distance control. This is because a lot depends on achieving a feel of the club and the shot. Of the many exercises advised, a simple one consists of taking five tees at about four feet apart, the last being twenty feet away. The aim is to get the ball to each of the tees consistently. The ball rolling a few inches past the tee is okay. Of course, if it is well short or long of the tee, then you need practice. Remember that even though you need both distance and accuracy in the game, here we are focusing only on distance. Accuracy practice is best done separately.

  • Maintaining a smooth swing

A smooth swing and not brute power is what ensures a good shot. A good swing is comprised of the right combination of balance and power. To improve on this aspect, place a ball on the practice green and stick a tee into the ground about twelve inches from it. Bring the club back until it barely nicks the tee and then immediately go into your fore swing. Keep your arms moving in a pendulum fashion and keep your hands still.

These are only a few of the many best putting drills for home and on the practice green that are available from golf pros and golfing websites. To master your skill on the green, you will need to invest time and energy. Learn to read the green and how to lag a putt, but most of all, learn to love putting drills. They really do work.

Apart from practising the tips mentioned above in the article “Golf Putting Drills With Tees – Best Putting Drills At Home” , if you are serious about really improving your putting significantly, I’d like to recommend reading a step by step guide to putting, “Breakthrough Putting Secrets Revealed” – a specialised ebook on mastering putting techniques. You can get it here:

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