Golf Tips For Left Handed Golfers

It is quite common to see left handed players being neglected by most websites and articles dedicated to golf tips. There is plenty of helpful information for the right handed players but the lefties are often left in the lurch, looking for information. So as to help the neglected lot of left handed golf players, here are some useful tips for them.

Though there are certain points that the left handed golf players need to take care of though mechanics related to the game are pretty much the same. Before picking up the more advanced aspects of the game, it is very important that one should master the basics.

Among the most important golf tips for left handed golfers is that the players should keep their heads down while executing any shot. In fact, this principle holds true for the right handed players as well. New players tend to make the mistake of lifting up their heads to watch how far the ball has gone.

Another common mistake that new players make is to not allow their bodies to rotate while taking the shot. One needs to know that to impart maximum power to the shot, the body and the hips should be rotated to the right with full swing. The hips should initiate the swing and hands and shoulders should follow. Stopping the body mid-way while rotating can result in reduction of power imparted to the ball and in turn, distance covered by it.

The swing should be finished with the left hand, though lead by right hand. The reason behind this is that the dominant side and the dominant hand should impart the required power to the ball to make it travel to the maximum distance.

Left handed golf players should also keep in mind that after the follow through, one should land on the balls of the feet. Landing flat-footed or on the heels is not at all beneficial for imparting power to the ball. In order to provide maximum possible power to the ball while playing any shot, it is very important that the players should land on the balls of their feet.

Golf tips for left handed golfers are incomplete without information on course management. Here are some words on the same.

It is to be noticed that while playing more courses, the holes tend to veer towards the right from left. Such holes are referred to as the dogleg holes. A draw shot should be learnt so as to play these holes with perfection. This shot can be used to keep the ball under control and provide the required curve from the left towards right. Interestingly, the same shot appears to provide a curve from the right towards left for the right handed players.

The left handed players can make use of most of the instructions by reversing the directions specified in them. However, they should make it a point to practice these shots by giving as maximum time as possible.

The clubs that are available at most places are designed for right handed players. Though a left handed player can make use of them as well, it is not the perfect choice as one would end up frequently committing mistakes. The right type of clubs for the left handed players can be bought at online stores quite easily. Visit Rock Bottom Golf for great deals on left hand clubs.


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