Golf Distance Tips – How to Hit a Golf Ball Farther

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It is common to see golf players looking for effective ways of hitting the ball to long distances. Here are some golf distance tips that have worked for countless numbers of players. These tips on how to hit a golf ball farther have been collected by us over a long time. It is very important that these tips should be followed by every player looking to add a few more yards to the distance at which the ball flies away.

How to Hit a Golf Ball Farther…
It is very important that the accuracy shouldn’t be sacrificed for attaining length when trying to hit the ball further. One may hit a wild shot and the ball would end up at nowhere or in a water hazard. Would the extra bit of power mean anything in this case? It wouldn’t and one should refrain from playing such shots. One should first learn how to increase accuracy and then concentrate on distance.

In case a player is right handed, the left foot can be angled just a few degrees away from the ball. This gives a better chance to the hips to complete the turn. This gives additional power without sacrificing quality and increase the number of yards for which the ball travels.

The players should be quite aware of their posture while hitting the ball. The knees can be flexed while addressing so as to generate maximum power at the time of impact. This can enable smooth transition of weight from right side to the left side while hitting the ball.

While taking the shot, the players shouldn’t underestimate the role of their hands. It is important to know the right position of hands at each step of the shot. Prior to taking the shot, the grip should be such that two or three knuckles of the left hand are visible. At the time of hitting the ball, the right hand should be released. This is one of the most effective golf distance tips and it can easily add one or two dozen yards to the distance traveled by the ball. Yardage of most shots, including the tee and fairway shots can be increased with its help.

One shouldn’t try to muscle the ball away with help of the arms. This strategy has been proven time and again to fail. This often results in opening of the club at the time of impact and the ball veers away from the desired course. This tendency is common in rookies who try to make an impact from the first instant they are on the golf course. This urge of hitting the ball too hard with a wild swing of the arms should be avoided.

The draw shot is a game changing shot and whoever masters it can make the ball dance to his or her tunes. This is a low trajectory shot and has the potential of making the ball roll to a greater distance. Professional golfers tend to like this shot a lot as this can have quite a lot of positive impact on their game.

Most of the golf distance tips are as good as the effort spent in practicing them – the more the better. Hard work has no substitute and that holds true for game of golf as well.

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