Tips For Hitting A Draw Shot In Golf – Hitting A Draw With The Driver

Tips For Hitting a Draw Shot In Golf – Hitting a Draw With The Driver…
There is more than what meets the eye with respect to hitting a draw in golf. It is very important to control the flight of the ball so as to lower the score and have a complete mastery over the course.

There is some similarity between hitting a draw and a hook shot as both these result in curving of the ball towards the left. However, hitting a draw shot in golf is different from a hook as it is more controlled as compared to a hook. One can see professional golfers trying hard to master this shot as this can provide considerable distance to the ball because it flies quite low and rolls over after hitting the fairway. Those golfers who look for improving their game should try to perfect this shot.

It is advised to the new players to learn a few concepts which are explained here while learning this shot.

One should have a firm grip and that can be obtained by rotating the hands over the club shaft a little towards the right. It is to be noted that the club should never be rotated. The players should turn their hands.

After adjusting the hands, the players should close the posture while addressing the ball. In this way, the body can be made to turn to the maximum required amount. This is important for achieving accurate outside path of the swing.

When the ball comes into contact with the club, hands should be allowed to roll back into neutral position. This will make the club close a little and impart the required trajectory and power. For this to happen, the grip should be strong.

While completing the process of follow through, the head should be kept down. Proper posture is required to provide a right path to the ball. If it is struck well, it would start coming towards the left and stop the curve towards the center line.

In case the ball curves towards the left immediately after getting hit, the player needs more practice as this shouldn’t be the case. The shot which results in such a path of the ball is more or less a hook and should be avoided.

Another point to be kept in mind while hitting a draw is to check the divot after striking the ball. The divot should not be pointed towards the right, which is a sign of an improper shot. Instead, it should either be pointing towards the left of the target or in line with it.

The best club to be used while taking this shot is a mid-iron. For most of the players, 6 is the best choice. It is advised that one should examine his or her grip while taking the shot in case any problem is encountered. Too firm or too soft a grip generally leads to improper shots.

One should not get discouraged in case the shot ends in a hook, as it quite common for the new players. It can be corrected after continuous practice and taking help from professionals.

Hitting A Draw With a Driver…
One of the most difficult clubs to have mastery over for hitting the draw is the driver. One can do so by using the easier clubs first and gain experience by using them.

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