How to Drive a Golf Ball Straight and Far

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Before you learn a few techniques on how to drive a golf ball straight and far, remember that perfection at hitting a driver will only come through consistent practice. Even the most famous golfers tend to mishit the driver. You should aim at developing consistency to hit the ball as far as possible. This will maximize your chances of making more birdies and shooting low scores. Modern golf courses are becoming longer and tougher. Hence, you must learn to drive a golf ball straight. Remember, the better you can drive a golf ball straight, the farther you can hit the ball.

Driving a golf ball straight and far is every golfer’s dream. After all, it is not child’s play to drive a golf ball straight. Even the most seasoned golfers find it difficult to use the driver. Being the longest of all clubs, the driver is the toughest club to hit too. This is because longer clubs are a little difficult to handle. With regular practice and tested techniques, you can learn how to drive a golf ball straight and far.

Which is the best shot off the tee? Professional golfers suggest that a good shot would not add much backspin to the ball. In addition, the ball should travel low, and should have the momentum to cover maximum distance. To generate maximum club head speed, you should take advantage of the leverage. In order to drive a golf ball straight, you must develop control over the club. You should aim at using your strength to support your golf swing, and not to hit the ball harder. The driver, unlike other clubs, is not flexible. Hence, during the backswing, you should try keeping the swing plane low.

During the time of impact, golfers should have their hands lead the club head. Many golfers make the mistake of applying brakes to their swing just after hitting the ball. To drive a golf ball straight, one should try moving the arms and body all the way through the swing. Golfers should avoid holding the club too tight. Try whipping the club through entire swing. Some golfers tend to slice or hook the ball. For them, the best remedy is to slow their downswing, and examining their grip. Ensure that you can see two or three knuckles when you look down at your grip.

To drive a golf ball straight, you should avoid pulling or pushing the ball. How to determine whether you are pushing or pulling the ball? The divot (cavity) can help determine whether you are pulling or pushing the ball. As a rule of thumb, if the divot points to the left or right of the target line, your body does not have the right alignment for the shot. The techniques mentioned above can help you drive a golf ball straight. However, as the saying goes “Practice makes a man perfect”, the efforts that you put in to implement these techniques would be the most important factor to drive a golf ball straight and far.

A well-hit drive is a thing of joy. Experienced golfers know that in order for a drive to be successful many things have to happen, and happen correctly. If you want to learn from the absolute best, you should click the link below and get the #1 rated golf instruction eBook “Full Swing Fundamentals”:

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