How to Fix a Golf Hook

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Learning how to fix a hook in golf is all about a systematic evaluation about what is going wrong. The golf hook is not a complicated but a tricky shot. The wide swing of the ball to the left can happen due to a lot of reasons. Here is a ready reckoner for golfers wanting to improve their golf and the hook in particular.

The trajectory of the ball is caused by a counter-clockwise spin. The harder you hit, the greater the spin. Again, the spin is caused due to a closed club face: left facing for the right-handed and right facing for the left-handed. The ideal club position at impact during a golf hook is square and neutral.

The process of how to fix a golf hook starts with a correction of the grip. Take up your usual stance with a driver. As you look down your hand, you should see two knuckles of your left hand (right, if you are a southpaw). This the ideal grip. If it is not, then it is either too weak or too strong.

Next, as you look down the shaft of the golf club, you might find the face positioned neutrally. But that is not enough. It is during the moment of impact that the club face needs to be that way. Generally, during the swing, it is the hands of the golfer which assume the neutral position, forcing the club face away from it.

A proper assessment of this is necessary. Most golfers live in denial of this, and thus spend neither the requisite time nor effort required.

The next step in learning how to fix a golf hook is to manage your body weight and balance. Your body weight should be distributed through the balls of your feet. This means that your hips will turn smoothly and you will stay balanced throughout the swing. Putting your weight on your heels makes you go off-balance causing a wayward shot to the left.

Remember that the left arm for a right-handed golfer and vice-versa for a left-handed one should be straight as he or she hits the golf ball. Ask another person to watch out for a bent arm as you perform the shot. A closed club face will automatically imply a hooked golf shot.

The aforesaid tips are generally sufficient to cure you of your problems. However, there is no substitute for practice. Approach your problems step by step. It is a process of elimination. You have to spend the requisite amount of time behind each. Also remember that you keep making modifications in your process that suit you best. The process is not the toughest but it does demand some time and a whole lot of practice shots.

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