Proper Golf Downswing Tips – Golf Downswing Hips – Golf Downswing Transition

Proper Golf Downswing Tips – Golf Downswing Hips – Golf Downswing Transition
Mastering downswing can be a little tricky for the newcomers to the game. At the same time, professionals have also been known to get troubled with this shot. Some highly effective golf downswing tips have been presented here which have been collected over a long time from the most experienced golfers.

Proper Golf Downswing

We may come across many number of articles and tips about various aspects of golf, including takeaway, follow through, backswing, stance and many others from the so called ‘masters’ of the game, but little is found regarding downswing and that creates problems for new players. Here are some golf downswing tips that are known to work for most players.

The power required to hit the ball is generated by the body during the backswing. At the same time, it is important that the club is gripped firmly so as to provide the necessary acceleration to the ball.

Golf Downswing Transition

One of the most important golf downswing tips is that one should switch between backswing and downswing with ease and the transition needs to be as smooth as possible. It is quite common to see players trying to force the issue by swinging too hard or jerking during the backswing which never works. This can disrupt the balance of the body and result in an improper shot.

Golf Downswing: Hips

One can pause for a moment at the top of a backswing so as to avoid jerking. A simple yet effective strategy for smooth transition is to start the transition from the hips. This motion is followed by arms, hands, shoulder and rest of the body. This will provide a better control while executing the shot and increase the yard count of the shot.

The hands can be kept ahead of the head of the club at the time of striking the ball. This is to prevent loss of energy in the scenario of the hands falling behind the club’s head. This is precisely the reason why it is advised to start the transition process with the hips and not by the hands.

Position of Head

There are many ways by which the power imparted to the ball can be increased. One of such ways is to keep one’s head behind the ball at every single moment. Many players tend to drift their heads ahead of the ball which results in a misguided shot and the ball may land at completely different place than intended.

Ball Speed

Last but not least of the golf downswing tips is regarding imparting the necessary acceleration to the ball. During the uncoiling process of the body, speed is imparted to the club head. Start of downswing should mark the start of the acceleration as well. After striking the ball, one shouldn’t try to hold back or limit the movement. The follow-through needs to be as smooth as possible. These golf downswing tips need to be followed rigorously and practiced regularly to impart maximum distance to the ball.

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