How to Fix a Golf Slice with a Driver – Golf Slice Tips – Fix Golf Slice Grip – Fix Golf Slice Swing

How to Fix a Golf Slice with a Driver – Golf Slice Tips – Fix Golf Slice Grip – Fix Golf Slice Swing

It is quite common to see new and professional golfers struggle with the slice. If you are among them, then do read on for some useful tips on fixing the golf slice.

Fix golf slice: address: Tip 1

One of the major reasons of slicing the ball is lack of a proper set up. It is very important to align the body properly so as to hit the ball properly. The left shoulder needs to be aimed at the target. In case it isn’t, it is quite possible that the ball will be sliced very hard.

Fix golf slice: grip: Tip 2

Check the grip before having a go at the ball. In a perfect grip, the player would be able to see two or three knuckles of the left hand. If it isn’t so, the grip is not perfect and it can have a negative impact on the shot.

The grip at the club shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. If it is too loose, the club can wobble during the time of impact and the ball may chart a completely different course than intended. At the same time, the grip shouldn’t be too tight or it can result in improper impact.

Fix golf slice: hips: Tip 3

In order to provide the ball its required trajectory, it is important to have the proper hip position. At the time of impact with the ball, the club face should meet the ball squarely. In order to make this possible, the hips should turn completely during the impact. Otherwise, the ball may fly off course. So as to completely remove the problem of improper impact, one must practice enough and get the required training.

Fix golf slice: swing: Tip 4

Generally, the players tend to get too excited while swinging the club. This can result in a wild swing and the club face can open at the time of impact. This can result in the ball flying away to the right. In order to prevent this issue, one should have complete control over the movements. It is a good idea to slow down, and to increase control at the same time.

Fix golf slice: head position: Tip 5

The basic fundamental of golf is to have the head steady and low while completing the swing. The main reason behind poor shot quality is the tendency of players to lift their heads while taking the shot. This behavior results from the fact that they want to see how well they have hit the shot or to see where the ball has gone. Many times the players do it without intention and get surprised or frustrated when they can’t make the ball have the desired trajectory.

Some players lift their heads when the right shoulder comes into contact with the chin. This results in a reflex response by the body to move the head out of the way. This can be prevented by simply keeping the right shoulder at its place and not moving it too much.

These golf tips need to be followed rigorously to get maximum benefit and raise the standard of your game. These must be practiced religiously and if needed, the necessary adjustments should be made.

That concludes the article “How to Fix a Golf Slice with a Driver – Golf Slice Tips – Fix Golf Slice Grip – Fix Golf Slice Swing”

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