7 Tips on How to Hit Long Irons in Golf Better

7  Tips on How to Hit Long Irons in Golf Better

Even with the right technique, mastering the long irons takes time, practice and patience. After all, clubs 1 to 4 are considered the most demanding of the standard ones.

The Key Elements

The cornerstones of good long iron play are good balance, smooth tempo, club head acceleration and careful targeting. The rest of the tips add to these. These four, however are indispensible.

The Key Goal

The basic requisite is obvious: hit the ball, smooth and clean on the sweet spot of the club face. The following are pointers for that.

1.      A solid stance is important. Firstly, it should be stable, i.e., you should be balanced. Secondly, a slight flex in the knees helps you as you swing.

2.      The swing has to be fluid throughout, especially on the backswing to downswing movement. This helps in proper club to ball contact and causes acceleration in the iron’s movement.

3.      The power for your swing comes right through your legs and hips and not just hands. Unwind from your hips and feet as you go through the backswing. It is this coiling/uncoiling movement that injects the drive required to shoot over long ranges.

4.      The head provides balance for the shot, especially in the case of the sensitive long irons. The head should be kept still and down. If the head goes too high or too low, the club is bound to mishit on contact.

5.      The left arm for the right handed and vice versa, has to be kept straight at all times. This is because bending that arm changes the distance between the club head and the ball. This can throw all your calculations off. For a clean hit, always keep the forward arm straight.

6.      That you have to hit the ground first on the swing when using long irons is a myth. Actually, what needs to be done is a clean hit on a descending arc. That means you need to hit the ground. Irrespective of the fact that they do not offer much loft, you have to go for it.

7.      Finally, a proper follow through completes a proper swing. The club should move right through and point to the direction of your hit.

Use these tips when you are learning how to hit long irons better and you will soon see dramatic improvements. This concludes the article “7 Tips on How to Hit Long Irons in Golf Better”

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