Proper Golf Backswing Tips – Perfect Golf Backswing Fundamentals – Golf Backswing Instruction

Proper Golf Backswing Tips – Perfect Golf Backswing Fundamentals – Golf Backswing Instruction

Need help in fine tuning your golf backswing? Well, this is the right place to be at to get the required assistance.

Perfect Golf Backswing Fundamentals – Golf Backswing Instruction

It is very important to note that the takeaway phase of the swing has to be as simple as possible. Some easy to implement backswing tips are presented here. These proper golf backswing tips can be implemented right away to get benefited.

In order to make every shot a successful one, the ball must be struck in the correct stance. This is the most crucial part of taking a shot and has the potential to make or break it. There are specific postures for taking every shot and should be learnt at the earliest.

After moving into proper posture, the next most important thing is to have a proper grip at the club. The best grip is the neutral one – neither too tight nor too loose, both of which are known to have a negative impact on the shot.

Putting on a little flex in knees can aid the hips while taking a shot. This is because it gives enough support to the hips so as to turn completely when the player is taking a shot.

While bringing the club back, it is important to keep the arms as straight as possible so as to keep a uniform distance between the hands and the club head. If the arms are bent too early or too late, the player might need to make some last second corrections and that would definitely make the shot go wrong.

The right time to bend the right arm at the elbow is at the moment when the hands and the club are at around waist. The hands must be prevented from rotating so as to form a wide arc while bringing back the club.

At the same instant, one should also turn the upper part of the body along with the shoulders. This motion needs to be continued until the instant the club reaches the top of the backswing. The reason behind maintaining this motion is that it provides the necessary energy required while making the impact. Though it seems easy, it is not so. Players need a lot of time and practice to master this skill. It is a good idea to put in a lot of practice along with such exercises that can provide flexibility to the shoulders, hips and legs.

The top of the swing can be different for every player and needs to be identified. There isn’t a one size that fits all with regards to the top and one must take care of not imitating others. Just find out the natural height where your top is and that’s it! Go to the maximum height possible and take the shot.

It is important to avoid jerking; the movement should be smooth and the swing should be initiated by the hips, not by the hands. Players tend to miss too many shots due to improper position of the body, wrong flow and other reasons as explained above. The above proper golf backswing tips can be utilized to make every shot a perfect one. It is a good idea to take assistance from a professional golfer for getting to know the basics of the game quickly.

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