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Tips on How to Hit Fairway Woods Correctly – How to Hit Fairway Woods and Hybrids Better

Tips on How to Hit Fairway Woods Correctly – How to Hit Fairway Woods and Hybrids Better

In spite of being used relatively infrequently, fairway woods and hybrids can often be crucial to your game. In crunch situations like a chance at an eagle or saving par from a wayward drive; your fairway wood skills can save the day. To perfect your skills at this club, both mechanics and practice have to go hand in hand. Some pointers for beginners follow.

1.      The distance covered by fairway woods and hybrids is comparable to that by the irons. But the technique involved is vastly different. A long iron calls for a big divot. The fairway wood involves different swing mechanics.

2.      Unless aiming for a fade or a draw, your feet should be shoulder-width apart and lined up with the target. With arms extended and spine straight, the ball should be played a little forward, just about in line with the left foot for right handers and vice versa. A little knee flex helps.

3.      While playing out of the rough, tap the club head behind the ball—without touching it—so that some grass comes between the head and the ball. If you do not make contact with the ball, the move is legal.

4.      Imperative while hitting fairway woods include keeping the forward arm at the straightest possible to ensure proper contact, turning the legs and hips through the backswing and downswing to generate power and keeping the head still and down and the eyes on the ball to maintain balance.

5.      A fluid swing resulting in a clean hit is what is required. Knocking the ball hard or scooping it off does not help. A smooth hit is always desirable because it ensures better control over the shot and better power that is derived from the club’s loft.

6.      The fairway woods and hybrids are to be used when expressly required. An important lesson is just knowing when to use these clubs. For example, one should use an iron to get back into the play is one is in the trees, a long way from the greens. A wrongly used fairway wood or hybrid may backfire on your score.

7.      There is no substitute for practice. It is the only way to get the feel of these clubs. Not only does it improve your hitting technique, it is the only way you can start to estimate the range that these clubs offer. This especially comes handy when playing from hazards like sand traps.

One thing is certain: if you learn how to hit fairway woods and hybrids properly, your game will improve and your scores will be lower. These clubs can be powerful tools when you need them.

That concludes the article “Tips on How to Hit Fairway Woods Correctly – How to Hit Fairway Woods and Hybrids Better”

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