Inner City Golf Club – Inner City Golf – Sydney, Review, Australia

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Inner City Golf Club – Inner City Golf – Sydney, Review, Australia

Club Details

SteG03, 6 Atchinson St,
St Leonards NSW 2065,

Phone: (02) 9438 5360



One of the best golfing courses in the entire NSW region, the Inner City Golf Club is the only indoor golfing facility located in the commercial heartland, at St. Leonard’s. The facility contains more than fifty impeccably maintained international-standard golfing courses as well as other state of the art golfing amenities using pioneering golfing technologies not conventionally used around the region. The club consists of three digitized Full Swing golf simulators; four practice driving bays with swing analysers, resident golfing professionals and good refreshment and beverage options. Despite its usage of extremely modern equipments, the club welcomes golfers of all ages and skill levels. The club offers a hospitable, relaxed environment for the discerning golfer, the corporate golfer or the novice who might be a new inductee to golf.

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